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Content is Queen
Mike Wright

Content is Queen

Strategy is king... Whether you are posting on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or your personal blog, the quality of the content that you share directly correlates to the amount of traffic you will receive. In your business, the end goal of your online marketing strategy, is to generate leads and convert them into opportunities for sale of your product or service. But without a successful content strategy that offers lead nurturing, quality content to engage your prospects, much of your efforts will bear little fruit. So what is quality content? To answer this question, particular to your business, consider your average customer.  Do you cater to a broad market of all ages, types and sizes? Have you come upon a niche, which you could stand to dominate if only you had the right strategy?  When you have narrowed down your target customer or demographic, consider what need your product or service satisfies for them, and what sort of things they are likely to be looking for on the web that you might be able to provide.

For example, you are a travel agent.  Your last Facebook post probably read something like “with all this snow out there, now is a great time to get away, call me for a great deal on an island getaway”  You even threw in a picture of a couple, relaxing at an island resort.  All told, this is not a terrible post, but on average, less than 10% of your Facebook friends see your posts, and those who do are probably not too likely to click, comment or share.  What if instead your post was more like “taking a vacation can actually reduce heart disease” with a link to your page, where you’ve written a summary of a recent article that you read on that very topic, along with links to the article that open in a separate tab.    

What you will find, that you will probably get a whole bunch of likes, some new visitors to your page and a few comments like “Bill really needs a break, we should give you a call” Each like, share and comment will in turn ensure that your post is seen by a wider Facebook audience.  Remember to respond to comments in a timely fashion and keep the conversations open and pleasant.  These new contacts will be far more likely to think of you when booking their next vacation.  For more information about how Sparkable can help you produce great content head over to the Content Development page.