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What Is It That You Do Exactly
Shaun Smith

What Is It That You Do, Exactly?

At a SoPro, Atlantic City event I was asked the question, “What is it that you do, exactly?” In fact, we hear this question we hear all the time. We get phone calls, colleagues and new friends that ask us what kind of marketing we do and if we specialize in this or that.

Usually I begin with the statement “by definition, marketing is the creation of value.” As most people tend to equate marketing with making commercials or tricking people into buying things they don’t really need.

For me, good marketing is about identifying the unique benefits that each business has to offer and communicating these benefits in a compelling story to the people with needs that those benefits can fulfill.

We like to describe Sparkable as a boutique marketing company that specialize in marketing investment management.

We create value for our clients by discovering and implementing the most efficient utilization of their available budget and resources. To put it more simply, we create the best strategy to use your marketing budget better, maximize your return on investment and achieve your goals.

We apply that philosophy to everything we do and every asset that we create. That goes to website design and mobile application development. We use tactics such as search engine optimization, interactive promotion like social media and also online advertising. We approach branding in the sense of not just rebranding but a brand renovation. We create communication assets and map out media planning, public relations and overall annual marketing strategy all ultimately to achieve the greatest return on investment.

We find where your customers are and then build a bridge from them through your doors so leads actually convert into sales at a higher percentage than your existing marketing strategy. Our secret sauce is not just in the research and documentation but in the process that we use to manage every project from conception to completion.

The real question is: what can Sparkable do for you?

Nonprofits need fundraising; advertising agencies need infographics. How can we create a greater value with your resources to achieve your business goals? Let’s find out.

The question you are probably wondering now is - how will this cost me? For less than the cost of a full-time employee, Sparkable can be your full-service marketing agency of record. We are a holistic firm focused on returning your investment.

Contact us to discuss how we can align your vision with our process. We have offices in Atlantic City, Buffalo, NY and Berlin, Germany to serve you.