Brand Collateral

Brand Collateral

Materials used to reinforce your brand identity

Your company logo should be able to convey your message in a clear and distinguishable way, without a translator. The media used to support your message should be consistent across all channels and further your company mission. Your brand represents your company to your customers and is not just symbolic; it should be meaningful to your audience at every touch point. Brand collateral includes printed items like business cards, brochures, direct mail, letterhead, envelopes and fliers. Brand collateral also includes digital assets like Facebook and Twitter wallpapers, websites and campaign sites, mobile apps and videos.

That leaves a lasting impression 

Each brand manifests its identity through actions, behavior and imagery. This discovery process will uncover the elements of your brand identity including logo treatments, brand promise, tagline, color palettes, letterhead and other types of collateral. Sparkable will ensure your brand is strong and consistent across all platforms and is presented to create maximum exposure to your market. We are committed to being responsive to your brand objectives and will cultivate artifacts that are representative of your essence of your business. Through this process we keep your ideal audience in mind and your goals in sight.

Delivered to your ideal customer

Brand Collateral can be a very effective way to reach your ideal audience using a controlled medium. Many times, your customers will interact with your brand collateral before they step through your doors. Using a well-crafted and thought out design will increase the likelihood of a turning a great first impression into a sale. Some items will be used to specifically further a specific mission, such as expanding into new territory while others will support a value proposition. When done correctly, brand collateral will will be one tool used to help build a memorable customer experience that turns business cards into business.