Process Engagement

Process Engagement

Sparkable believes in stakeholder engagement to mobilize the most strategic process to maximize your business returns. We interact with your stakeholders and use that data to create an agile process that puts you closer to your goals.

To accurately develop your brand, Sparkable develops a brand charter that ensures your brand is used correctly across all distribution channels. To instill these metrics and collateral internally, Sparkable creates communication assets that will invoke the appropriate information to all employees. Whether you are giving information to employees or to your current vendors or customers, Sparkable will create the compelling images and create infographics to disseminate that information.

Brand Charter

Sparkable knows how to take your brand places with a coordinated plan. The process that explores your brand's existing application the marketplace is where we begin our brand navigation. We will work with you to explore and take inventory of your brand to find the most meaningful touch points and the most effective ways to communicate your message. We will ensure your brand is consistently engaging your audience no matter which platform it is communicated. We can develop a brand book that serves as the toolkit for anyone working with your brand to ensure that it upholds your company integrity... continue reading about >Brand Charter<

Content Development

Sparkable knows that it is more than just the words alone but the application that matters when it it comes to communication. Delivering a packaged message that communicates your goals to the right audience is a something that requires planning and structure to execute effectively. We will work with you to identify the proper channels to distribute your message, whether to internal or external stakeholders. We can work in coordinate with your public relations management or human resources to reinforce goals and instructions to your employees. We will work with you to establish and implement a seamless communication strategy... continue reading about >Content Development<


Communicating your message needs to include a varied approach. At Sparkable, we use infographics to convey complex systems and processes to our members. This allows us to disseminate information in a way that is not only meaningful but also memorable. We want to not only retain basic knowledge but also explain a confusing or multi-layered system. Infographics are not only wonderful educational tools but also provide a greater understanding of project management. Through the use of differentiated education, we explain critical information in ways that make sense to a majority of our stakeholders in a visually appealing way... continue reading about >Infographics<