Using images to create messages

Seeing is believing. You must use clear messages to communicate ideas, procedures, projects and goals to your staff. That's why infographics or, when broken down, informational graphics, are such an effective way to visually tell a story, convey information, represent data in a way that helps people visualize a complex idea quickly and effectively. Infographics are commonly becoming a prevalent way to distribute information across interactive channels including social media platforms. But, infographics are not a new idea - since the its early development, human beings have been using pictures to tell stories.

That make sense to people

Sparkable understands that everyone learns differently. Visual representations of concepts help the majority of the population learn and are widely used educational tools. Applying differentiated content to disseminate information will touch the various techniques that your staff uses to understand and retain knowledge. We work with you to identity key performance indicators that are critical to benchmarking the success of your data set. We'll work with you to create a branded, visual representation of your information to create a memorable infographic that tells your story. 

To make a memorable impression 

Infographics are a powerful way to make an immediate impact with your data. Sparkable knows the best methods to create clear infographics that effectively communicate information, patterns and trends to your employees through the use of compelling images. We will work with your company to create collateral that can be distributed or displayed to maximize retention and practice in your workplace. These infographics can be created to help you accomplish a specific goal, such as explaining a new process, and also to disseminate broad concepts.