Marketing Management

Marketing Management

All companies need to get the word out about their business and Sparkable is designed to strategize and implement marketing strategies for both online and offline application and integrating all available resources.

Marketing strategies are designed to obtain value and achieve return on investment. Sparkable uses its proprietary processes to design and implement marketing strategies to organize assets and align them to meet business goals. Our aim is to achieve these goals while keeping your brand at the forefront of our vision and create value, together. These assets can include online assets and strategies, design and standards of a company brand, mark or logo and integrating all of these in compressive plan.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing captures audience engagement online and interactive landscapes. Content is developed specifically with the purpose of interacting with an audience and to encourage an immediate response to call-to-action. The goal of interactive marketing is begin a conversation your audience and direct interaction with the content in a controlled environment. Using Interactive Marketing expands digital footprints by deploying tactics including Search Engine Optimization, Interactive Promotion and Online Advertising... continue reading about >Interactive Marketing<

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing combines coordinating online and offline Media Planning together under one unified vision. Sparkable takes a holistic approach and uses both traditional and nontraditional methods of marketing, promotion and Public Relations, to achieve greater results than if these channels were managed individually in silos. Using Integrated Marketing allows us to target messaging to segmented audiences and, by following a blueprint that manages these strategies together, we can achieve a greater return on investment... continue reading about >Integrated Marketing<

Brand Management

Do you know how your brand is perceived in the marketplace? Sparkable's Brand Management is a process that takes a Brand Inventory of your existing assets and researches how those artifacts are implemented across your media landscape. Sparkable then charts Brand Exploration for your brand using market research and can even create a brand book that sets the parameters so your brand is used consistently and effectively. Sparkable then captures the essence of your company with a Brand Destination... continue reading about >Brand Management<