Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

You don’t need a multi-million dollar budget to launch an effective marketing campaign. You need a team who knows how to manage a marketing campaign to reach millions.

Our approach to creating marketing solutions for your company may include using a broad, integrated blueprint.

This integrated marketing strategy includes using a combination of media planning to obtain objectives, public relations and project management to obtain align your assets to achieve the greatest amount of value.

Media Planning

Knowing the media landscape that your business is navigating is a critical component in reaching your destination. Sparkable begins media planning with research and defining the pain point in your business that we are curing. We will work with you create a media plan for online, television, print, outdoor, interactive or digital advertising. We will work with your team to fulfill marketing specifications into creative campaigns that maximize the value of your budget so each touch point with your audience has makes a lasting impression. Developing this comprehensive plans allow us to manage media budgets from $10,000 to $1,000,000... continue reading about >media planning<

Public Relations

There are fewer more valuable assets in the media landscape that positive editorial content. There is a reason that businesses have articles plastered on their walls and not advertising tear sheets. Sparkable knows the value of unpaid media for businesses and organizes opportunities to shine a positive light on your accomplishments. Our team will work with the stakeholders in your company to identify and capitalize on every channel to distribute your message. Sparkable has cultivated relationships with local media outlets in and around our hubs. We know understand its not just the story you tell, but the way you tell it... continue reading about >public relations<

Project Management

Managing projects takes a dedicated and multi-stage approach to a task that changes depending on the venture and the goals. Sparkable uses a propriety set of processes that allows us to achieve the greatest result using all available resources. We use rolling wave project management in order to read, access, decide and execute each phase of your project. Through the use of Stake-Holder Oriented Teamwork, we can manage a higher level of complexity than a traditional marketing firm. That's because our holistic approach to marketing management enables us to find creative solutions to traditional problems using a strict and documented process... continue reading about >project management<