Project Management

Project Management

Plan your work, then work your plan

Sparkable knows this better than any other marketing agency as we strive to maintain consistent and thorough attention to detail. It is also essential your project have clear and attainable objectives in order for it to succeed. Sparkable will create an executable roadmap leading to a successful marketing plan that utilizes best practices and standards. We will work with you to create milestones that enrich your goal along the project timeline. There is no project too large or small for Sparkable to organize for you to achieve ultimate efficiency. We have experience with creating events, mapping business strategies and developing promotions that allow your goal to flourish organically.

To grow in understanding of your business

Organizational behavior is the application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations, in order to achieve the highest performance and dominant results. The goal of nearly every organization is to motivate those involved towards a unified vision. By identifying the major individual variables that influence work behavior, an organization can offer an atmosphere that provides mandatory components for success. All organizations experience the direct relationship between job satisfaction, and performance. In order to maximize the performance of those within a system it is important to develop an optimal interpersonal chemistry. At Sparkable, we use industry tools to assess the objectives and goals of an organization; however our process for problem solving is organic, and tailored to the unique attributes of your organization

And become a better leader

In order to be most effective, leaders in an organization must have a clear understanding of the organizational structure or "archetype." When viewing an organization and it’s key components by graph or chart, one sees a configuration of positions, job duties, and lines of authority within the system. By establishing optimal performance for these key components, and then applying custom measurement tools to the process, an organization can establish how close each part of the system is to reaching this apex. Our staff assists in the development of a communication structure that enables the group to harvest its collective wisdom; as well as store the information and provide distribution channels that disburse and share the knowledge with those who need it most.