Small Business Development

Small Business Development

Our unique team of highly talented individuals fulfills marketing investments of all sizes.

Marketing for small businesses must be a measurable investment. Annual Marketing Plans, Creative Assets and Integrated Promotion activities need to generate enough revenue to justify the investment being made. In the same way many small businesses work with financial advisers to protect their financial investments, Sparkable can provide guidance to protect small business marketing investments.

Annual Marketing Strategy

As your strategic partners, we can serve as your creative marketing team for less than the cost of a single employee. a comprehensive and cohesive annual marketing strategy to help your business gain exposure, expand into new territory and achieve financial growth. Our experience in developing annual marketing strategies is rooted in translating core company values into tangible objectives that will be assessed and reassessed through each sprint. Sparkable manages its marketing strategies using rolling wave project management to ensure that the outcomes from the previous sprint are rolled into the next sprint... continue reading about >Annual Marketing Strategy<

Brand Renovation

Take your small business to new heights by revamping your image through a strategic brand renovation. A strong brand will create a sense of recognition and loyalty with your customers. Sparkable can work with you renovate your existing brand, mark or logo as well as your brand collateral. When used effectively, your brand is the essence of your company for both your internal stakeholders and your customers to rally behind. Using your brand consistently in the most mediums is best way to achieve market saturation and an engaged audience on any medium or distribution channel... continue reading about >Brand Renovation<

New Business Incubation

Sparkable has helped launch dozens of new businesses and renovated the brands of up and coming ones. Sparkable can help you achieve your business goals through a renovated brand that represents the new energy or direction in your business. A renovated brand can bring you closer to your demographic and modernize your look. Sparkable takes a holistic approach to brand renovation that looks into the core values of the business, its history and trajectory in order to chart the strongest course for success. We will work with you to identify and focus on your greatest potential through effective branding... continue reading about >New Business Incubation<