Annual Marketing Strategy

Annual Marketing Strategy

Sparkable will help you set clear goals

Understanding how your marketing dollars will be put to use to achieve the greatest return on investment is what Sparkable does best. Through the creation of an annual marketing strategy, your company will have a clear and tangible guide that includes every aspect of your marketing budget. A strategy begins with the research of your existing marketing spend and to determine its reach and impressions. This map of your media landscape is a roadmap to how effective available marketing channels have been in the past and will help you achieve the reach and engagement that translates into real value. 

A strategy and plan to help you grow

Our graphic and marketing professionals create customized ads and marketing collateral that distinguish your company from the rest of the crowd. We help coordinate effective radio spots to get your message out to the masses using a creative and strategic approach. By working with your message in mind Sparkable can help plan events and parties that promote your projects, bring a crowd, and hold the attention of a target audience. We create top-of-mind awareness so every time they see your company’s name in the media, that reinforces the audience's decision to choose you.

Using a creative Annual Marketing Strategy

Sparkable knows how critical a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy is to your business plan. Our creative intelligence team has more than three decades of marketing experience to develop an annual marketing strategy that is in line with your company’s values. Sparkable’s staff includes a professor of internet marketing and digital strategist for a Fortune 500 company. Our holistic approach to marketing incorporates a broad, integrated perspective where everything that matters to you, matters to us. Don’t get lost at sea without a GPS, let Sparkable chart a course for smooth sailing en route to your destination.