Brand Renovation

Brand Renovation

Make your mark

Your brand is the single most identifiable aspect that connects your business or product with your audience. A strong brand identity is crucial to develop a consistent marketing presence. We will assess the tone and manner of your brand across its uses and research which mark is most effective. We will work with your company to create a revitalized, engaging and memorable mark for your business. This can include creating refreshed logo options or brand identities that aid your business goals. Custom logo design is a process of creating a unique symbol that represents an organization, company or product. Logos are meant to represent an identity that fosters immediate customer recognition, inspire loyalty and superiority.

And set your brand apart

The difference between corporate logo design and logo design is in the process and quality of the logo. In each logo, we create a specific icon or symbol that can used to identify your business. Our logo designs can be used on any collateral. Whether it’s on letterhead, an envelope, on the web, or on a business card; your logo will be consistent with the brand and identity of your business. The first characteristic of an effective logo is that it has immediate impact. Your logo should catch the viewer’s eye and hold the viewer’s attention. Consider the logo of Apple Computers; the graphic apple with a stylized bite taken out of it has immediate product and corporate identification with consumers. An effective logo "grabs" attention.

With custom logo design

An effective logo should be aesthetically pleasing, scalable, cathartic, appropriate, memorable and permanent. Well designed logos have the look and feel of "art", if a logo is not appealing to the eye it will defeat its purpose - attracting attention and providing effective identification. In any business or organization, the use of a logo becomes ubiquitous - it is ever-present on buildings, letterhead, signs, products, promotional items, etc. A truly scalable logo will be as effective on a business card as it is on a billboard - small scale and large scale uses. "Branding" is a common marketing principle based on product identification growing out of identifying a product with a positive image and a sense of goodwill. We help you to create a memorable brand icon that will live on in the public consciousness.