New Market Development

Project Management

Project Summary

Our discovery process with the German owned 42com GmbH uncovered a New Market strategy, focused on English speaking population densities, that warranted further investigation. Our research objectives included assisting 42com GmbH in selecting effective modal entry into North America as well as researching regions suitable for operations and business development. The New Market Development project for 42com International, supported the creation of a wholly owned subsidiary for providing VoIP termination in the U.S. and the organization of a transitional management team. A management contract provided transitional corporate governance and assistance with process management.

Today 42com works with over 130 companies in a number of different countries to provide white label solutions for network operators, hosted switch services for large customers as well as mobile phone applications. They provide carriers with access to a variety of global interconnections particularly from Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

42com International

New Market Development, Brand Development, Custom Solutions, Customer Research, Data Analytics, Project Management, 

2012 – 2015

Berlin, Germany
Atlanta, GA
Buffalo, NY
Wilmington, DE