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Client Handouts

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Project Summary

We signed on with Danbro Distributors back in 2016 for a basic website development project. As the exclusive designated local distributor for the largest supplier of deep foundation products in the country Danbro required that the team at Sparkable become quickly and intimately acquainted with their line of products and their applications. About two weeks before the designated launch date the client informed us that they were pivoting to a new materials supplier. This required some quick thinking on our part, but ultimately provided us with a perfect opportunity to be on the ground floor of a restructuring of their marketing plan and the development of all new brand collateral.

Over the next few years we developed numerous client facing pieces including folders, handouts, sales sheets and trade show collateral. We conducted client research and developed an updated sales plan and demand generation pipeline and worked with the Danbro team to develop multiple videos, blogs and social media posts to encourage customer interaction.

Danbro Distributors

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