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Kisby Shore Mechanical Contractors have provided commercial plumbing and HVAC services to the Greater Atlantic City area for nearly 70 years. As the city’s premier mechanical contractor they provide installation and services to some of the largest casinos in addition to hospitals, municipal buildings and businesses across New Jersey. In 2016 Kisby Shore reached out to Sparkable to undo some less than ideal work completed by another marketing company in the area. Their chief complaint was that the last marketing company they worked with had failed to listen, developed branding and messaging that was in-congruent with their target audience and insisted upon the development and printing of costly print materials that were ultimately never utilized.

Unlike one size fits all companies, the team at Sparkable took the time to listen and helped restore and update the original brand, complete with new graphics, copy, a website and social media presence. The final outcome was a perfect balance of old and new that brought a new online life to a thriving business with a proud historical heritage. We are honored to work with so many great businesses in South Jersey.

Kisby Shore Mechanical Contractors

Brand Development, Data Analytics, Project Management, SEO, Website Design

2016 – 2017

Atlantic City, NJ