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The New Jersey Coastal Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building more resilient communities at the Jersey Shore. The group works with municipalities, educational and community stakeholders to develop policies and best practices that will anticipate future concerns and to create solutions to be shared by all participants. We were asked by the Coastal Coalition to develop a brand and a logo for the organization as well as develop its social media presence. Then we helped launch Tidal Flooding Talk, a weekly video series at the Irish Pub, with its own brand collateral as well as audio and video production and online promotion for the show.

We have continued to support the New Jersey Coastal Coalition in their fundraising efforts and provide social media management and online publishing for their Tidal Flooding Talk Video Series. Sparkable works with nonprofits of all sizes to find new donors, increase contributions and seek and secure grant funding for their organizations.

New Jersey Coastal Coalition

Brand Development, Collateral Development, Copywriting, Fundraising Integration, Grant Initiatives, Nonprofit Consulting, Public Relations, Social Media, Audio/Video Production

2018 – Present

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