Time For Something New

It’s been a little over five years since we moved the Sparkable headquarters to New Jersey. Back in 2015 we launched a new website to officially commemorate the transition to a new local. Our last site was really acustom masterpiece that at the time stood as a testament to the incredible skill of our developers and to a certain degree set unrealistic expectations about what sort of functionality our average small business customers could afford. While we managed to secure a number of high end and corporate custom development jobs over the past few years, I started to wonder if our site was truly successful in speaking to our core target audience, small to medium privately held businesses.

To put things into perspective for future readers, we are launching this website about four months into the meat of the COVID-19 pandemic and there is a looming economic uncertainty for business owners large and small. While a few of our clients have been experiencing nearly unprecedented success, a number of organizations that we work with have had to make some tough choices and slash budgets. 


Do more for less

Technology is always improving, the average smartphone has more computing power than the Apollo spacecraft. When we set about developing our newest website we worked all of this in mind. Could we leverage advances in technology to build a site with significantly impressive (and arguably necessary) features like video integration, parallax scrolling, animation etc. without a massive custom development budget?

Well, the answer is what you see before you, let me introduce the 4th generation Sparkable website. It was created using WordPress with a general premium theme with some basic modifications. We still utilized our knowledge of user experience flow, SEO etc. but cut out the fully customized design and coding. Aesthetically it has a lot of seemingly flashy features, but nothing entirely built from scratch. Far from a vanity project, this site is more of a thought experiment or (to be borderline pompous) an art installation. 


Mission Possible

We have a team of developers that can build literally anything from the ground up, for any sort of custom functionality or application. So, if you are looking to launch the next metaphorical mission to the moon we’re still the team to call, but this current iteration of our website is the answer for the every(wo)man who needs a reputable place to hang his/her digital hat without breaking the bank. 

We are interested to hear your feedback on this website (or this strange stream of consciousness disclaimer) and have compiled a short survey to collect your thoughts here. If you’d like to talk about your next project please contact us.