Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City, NJ

The Sparkable Atlantic City Story

Sparkable Atlantic City offers remarkable marketing innovations to small to medium sized businesses in the Atlantic City, Greater Philadelphia area and Greater New York City Area. From the iconic boardwalk, to Steel Pier and Gardener's Basin, Atlantic City is a national treasure. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the recent trend of casino closure, this once great city has taken a beating in full view of the national media. Sparkable is committed to assisting in the re-launch of this great city.

Founded by Ventnor, NJ natives Shaun Smith and Michael Wright, the Atlantic City campus serves as the central hub for Sparkable's worldwide operations. We at Sparkable believe that times of economic strife and struggle our often times of greatest opportunity for business owners and investors. Rather than simply give lip-service to these ideals, Spakable has cast its lot in with the Atlantic City and will be here to help usher in a era of technology and forward thinking to revive this national landmark.

Our remarkable marketing team has been offering consulting, design, management and promotion services since our foundation in Buffalo, NY in 2006 where Sparkable played a key role in the Buffalo Renaissance though stakeholder engagement. Our goal is to continue to enhance the value of business by providing custom tailored solutions to help increase efficiency and effectiveness in process management and budget distribution through strategic planning. Sparkable's clients and partners in Atlantic City, New Jersey look to us for services including:


We help define goals and provide solutions in the Atlantic City area by leveraging our extensive industry experience for your company’s benefit.


Sparkable perform marketplace and competitive analysis in Atlantic City in order to give you a greater insight into your potential customers, customers and competitors.


Sparkable creates valuable marketing planning strategies for companies in the Atlantic City area that capture and deliver a return on investment.


Implement a cohesive identity for all marketing initiatives such as print, radio online advertising and other Atlantic City marketing campaign materials.


Design an aesthetically pleasing Web presence to boost visitor engagement and retention, permit an easy & intuitive user experience, and effectively communicate information.


Programming a website that allows for structural flexibility, future expansion and functionality enhancements for the Atlantic City area.

Search Engine Optimization

Incorporate code and techniques to achieve high placement on Search Engine results for applicable terms and locations in the Atlantic City area, therefore, reaching more potential visitors.


Continuous education and implementation of safe practices to protect your Atlantic City online investment.


Determine effectiveness and provide direction into future endeavors in the Atlantic City area.

Support and Training

After completion, our expert Atlantic City staff is available to help you effectively use your new software tools.


Promote your Atlantic City company online in an innovative, progressive tone that accurately conveys core philosophies and competitive differences.