Create More Conversions With These Digital Ad Tips

Now that Election Day has come and gone, you have probably noticed something. Maybe there’s an empty feeling in your Facebook newsfeed or you’re not seeing that familiar face on Twitter anymore. That’s because the 2020 election will go down in history as the most expensive to date, with much of that being spent on advertising.

While a lot of that was spent on what we refer to as traditional media, television, print, radio and out-of-home advertising such as billboards and lawn signs, more each year is being spent online. That’s because, ever increasingly, our attention has been online. But, the big campaigns spent a lot of money and time on television advertising, which is traditionally the most expensive and has some of the broadest reaches. That’s because the majority of people are eligible to vote in America.

Most of the small businesses that we deal with don’t have an annual budget that would cover the cost of an effective television advertising campaign and that’s OK. Online advertising and specifically the ability to target specific audiences has given anyone the ability to reach the customers that are most likely to act now.

Whether you’re new to online advertising or a Facebook Ads Manager expert, don’t worry, there’s always room to grow your audience and find ways to improve your conversion rate in just a few clicks.

First, the simplest way you can increase your reach is to boost your existing content – whether that is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, especially if you have a piece of content that is performing especially well or something that you think will convert your potential or existing customers.

Secondly, if you haven’t already, create or log into a Facebook Ads Manager account and click around on your settings. Look at your region, demographic and goals. You may be able to change your area or narrow in on a specific sub-section of your audience or retarget an ad that is performing better.

At first, you will want to look to increase your page or content’s reach and try to get it in front of as many people as possible. This is especially important for testing coupons and various messages to see how your audience reacts. If you are seeing positive results, you may want to double down or refocus your efforts in areas that could use a nudge in the right direction.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to direct people to pages on your website, whether that be a piece of cornerstone content, a blog, a product or a contact form page. Ultimately, this is the direction you want your traffic to be flowing. There, you may discover another issue that could be solved with graphic design, website development or search engine optimization that can increase your conversions.

Ultimately, there is a vast ocean of potential floating around the online advertising space. However, you won’t know if there are any fish in there unless you cast your line out there. Don’t be afraid to change up your lures and remember that learning how to fish, or in this case, learning how to advertise on social media, is a reward itself that will pay off over in time.