How To Prepare Your Business For This Major Socioeconomic Shift

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to alter society, the World Economic Forum has been proposing it’s Great Reset Initiative as the path to reshaping it.  


Who is part of the World Economic Forum?

The World Economic Forum is the international organization for public-private cooperation, especially among the biggest corporations and state governments. The forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.


What is the Great Reset Initiative?

The World Economic Forum has been promoting The Great Reset as an agenda with the theme of rebuilding society and the economy in a more sustainable way following the COVID-19 pandemic. It sees the pandemic as an opportunity to align the current priorities of society with innovative business and political models.


The Revolution Will Be Digitized

The pandemic has proven that going digital can help keep the world moving when stores are shut down. People are working from home, e-commerce has thrived, restaurants are delivering to homes, and businesses are finding creative ways to keep the world spinning. 

As a digital marketing company we know a thing or two that will help businesses adapt as the Great Reset shapes our society. We’ve outlined some of the major trends to look out for and the tools that will help you succeed. 


Digital Payments

Cash is no longer king when the pandemic calls for contactless solutions. Credit cards will rule the industry both online and offline and it’s best for you to be able to accept the efficient and secure ways of payment.


  • Make sure your business can process e-commerce transactions effectively 

    • PayPal and Stripe are trusted payment processors for e-commerce businesses. Even if you’re not necessarily an e-commerce business, PayPal is still a great solution for collecting invoices or even accepting donations. Quickbooks is also another option for collecting invoices.
  • Manage payroll with ADP or Quickbooks

    • Speaking of Quickbooks, you’ll also want to digitize paying your workers if you’re still doing so physical checks. Quickbooks will not only help you collect payments and pay workers, it will also help you balance your books in time for tax season. ADP is another payroll software to consider for paying your employees and having the proper tax documents ready
  • Be able to process transactions in the offline world

    • Once the world starts to open up its doors again, you may consider hitting the road and doing pop-up events or may be even opening up a new location. If that’s the case, you can look to Square as a reliable payment processor that you can simply connect to your phone or tablet.  


Remote Work Management

With offices shifting to work-from-home, the question becomes how do you optimize your company’s productivity?


  • Track Goals with Project Management Software

      • Manage your digital team’s goals with great project-oriented tools such as Basecamp, Asana, Agantty. These tools will help keep your team aligned and on schedule.
  • Collaborate in Real-time

      • When it comes to document collaboration, the entire Google Workspace including Docs, Sheets, and Presentations is a household name.  Many new products are allowing for file collaboration, such as Canva which helps teams work on graphic design content together.
  • Connect and Communicate

    • When your team is socially distanced, communication is key. Luckily there are a bevy of great tools such as Zoom, Skype, and Slack to help you stay in touch with employees, partners, and customers alike.



One of the bigger threats we’re seeing more in this new economy is that of cyber attacks and scams. Businesses should make sure that their websites are secure, and that they are using best practices when logging on to platforms with sensitive information.


  • Backup your site with your web host

      • Do you know if your website is backed up regularly? You never know when malicious software can render your website dysfunctional or worse, infected with malware. Make sure to contact your web host to ask how you can back up your sites.
  • Use trusted plugins like Sucuri, All-in-One WP security

      • If you want extra security for your site, you can go to security services like Sucuri, which will help you restore your site if there are issues, as well as put firewall safeguards to protect your site. For WordPress users, we can also recommend the free plugin All-In-One WP Security & Firewall which has a wealth of robust features to keep your website safe.
  • Use 2Factor Authentication whenever possible (Google Authenticator)

    • You may already have to deal with Two-Factor Authentication on many sites, where in logging in you have to receive a text message with a code to complete the log-in process. As annoying as this may be, this extra step can save you from a lot of trouble at a time when so many emails have been compromised on the dark web.  Aside from text message verification, expect to see more platforms using Google Authenticator, a mobile app which provides another layer of security.


Digital Skills Building

The Great Reset is all about evolution of our ways, and creating the sustainable future together. With that being said, what we’ve recommended so far is not enough. Technology is evolving so fast that it’s important to keep up.  


  • Train your brain with online courses

      • Whether it’s learning more about virtual reality or blockchain, a great way to feed your brain is to take courses on platforms like Coursera. A lot of companies have also created learning platforms on their tools. For example, the Hootsuite Academy is a great place to hone in on your social media skills with the latest technology in automated content.
  • Hire freelancers with your skills gap

      • No need to go it alone. Platforms like Fiverr allow you to hire from a pool of talented workers with niche skills. Whether it’s finding someone to help you create animations or finding a developer for your site, Fiverr is a great place to start.
  • Join the Sparkable Academy

    • With years of experience as a holistic marketing company, we’ve had to adjust and evolve with the pace of technology. We’re doing our best to share our knowledge to businesses and non-profit organizations alike to succeed and make the best of this Great Reset.  

We’re excited to announce that soon we’ll be launching our Sparkable Academy, where we’ll provide in depth training on some of the most critical topics for businesses and organizations today. Stay tuned!