Ai is here! These programs can elevate your content and boost productivity.

Ai is an emerging, exciting new field that can have a lot of value for your business. Ai has many different capabilities that allow you to simplify everyday tasks, generate new ideas, create content in minutes, and much more. These are just a few programs that can effectively boost your business and productivity.  


ChatGPT imitates human-like interaction by providing relevant, easy-to-understand responses to any information the user inputs. It stimulates genuine conversation, based on a large dataset of diverse sources. ChatGPT can be applied to many aspects of your business, including customer service, content creation, and more.


Developed by Google, NotebookLM is a virtual research assistant.  You can upload your document(s) that the program will become familiar with, allowing you to read, take notes, and collaborate within the source provided. It is a great way to stay organized, edit/summarize existing work and expand your content into new, related areas.

 Perplexity AI

Welcome to a new kind of search engine with Perplexity AI. It offers real-time, up-to-date results in an easy-to-digest, one-stop-shop format. You can ask the program anything and will be provided with a detailed, organized answer and directed to several related sources/articles, videos & photos, and related questions.  Perplexity AI can be a very useful, frequent tool for your business.

Canva Magic Write

Magic Write is a new tool from Canva that allows you to generate authentic writing by simply providing a short prompt of five or more words. The possibilities are endless, from blog posts to outlines, emails, and social media content. Canva is already an excellent program for your business that will likely only continue to expand its capabilities.


Create professional, organized presentations in minutes! Slidesgo provides free access to Google Slides templates and includes AI Presentation Maker.  The presentation maker allows you to choose a topic, number of slides, and style, and that’s all! The program will prepare a presentation you can quickly review, edit, and download.  

Sparkable is your guide to the world of AI and navigating these exciting new programs to use to your advantage. It is essential to stay informed about exciting new and trending programs like marketing, social media, content writing, and more. Using AI will allow your business to stand out and stay up to par with the ever-changing industry.