Knowing who you are and how you want your brand to be perceived will take your business a long way


Whether you are just starting or want to expand your enterprise, it is so essential to establish your brand’s voice and personality. Having a strong identity will benefit your business in so many ways. You want to create a cohesive image and identity for your brand that comes across in all aspects of your company’s content. This will allow you to stay relevant in your audience’s minds, and they will be able to recognize your business that they know and love easily. 

Make it Personal

Building a solid brand identity is about crafting a persona for your business, giving it its personality. You should spare no detail in creating the impression you want to give your audience through social media, advertisements, your website, and any content your business exports. Every business and social media account gives off a vibe or aesthetic that impresses upon its audience(s), consciously or subconsciously. This is why it is so important to take the time to craft your brand identity with purpose, power, and some personal flare. 

Plan & Visualize 

Setting the tone for your brand and building a strong identity requires a lot of planning, which is why Sparkable is here to help. You have to consider making a personality for your brand. If you could draw up your ideal target customer or brand spokesperson, what would they be like? Dress like? Look like? What are some of their interests, hobbies, and habits? What is their overall aesthetic? It may be helpful to create a mood board to visualize these concepts and lock in the vibe you want to exude to your audience. The visual aspects of your brand identity should be appealing and instantly recognizable. This starts with an effective logo, color scheme, and specific format and tone in any content writing for your business. 

Stay Active

Staying active is an essential element of keeping up with your brand identity and persona. This sends the message to your audience/followers that you are engaged and emerged in the world of social media right there with them. Keep your accounts, website, newsletter, etc. updated (at least weekly), and stay up-to-date with any important news or trends relevant to your brand and your audience. Interactions also have a key role in setting the tone for your brand. Now and then, it is a great idea to follow up with some of your followers and interact with their posts. You should continuously monitor comments and interactions with your posts and occasionally reply or like some comments. You also want to stay active to monitor your industry and competitors to ensure your brand identity can hold its own and stand out from the rest. 

Make your Mark 

One of the most important things to consider is your desired impact. You want to make your audience feel valued, included, and understood while achieving your business goals and objectives. You want to seem friendly while still professional, genuine while still promotional, and trendy while still appropriate. The most important thing is your audience’s perception of your brand which takes some time to craft and reveals itself through results. This could mean gaining followers on brand accounts, increasing profits, staying relevant in your audience’s minds and daily lives, or whatever you hope to achieve with your brand identity. Setting the tone and building an identity for your brand all boils down to meaningful connections. You always want to leave your audience with something to think about. 

Setting a tone and building your brand identity is an opportunity to have fun and explore who you want your business to be. Get to know Sparkable and how we can grow your business today.